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P1706-RT Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in rooibos tea

PROOF-ACS organises and performs a ring test related to pyrrolizidine alkaloids in rooibos tea in April 2017.

A homogenate of rooibos tea (powder, 100 g) is provided as test material. The test material contains spiked and incurred pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

The aim of the test is

  • the identification of the spiked / incurred alkaloids.
  • the correct quantification of the spiked alkaloids with respect to the trueness criterion
    (70-120 % recovery of the spiked level).
  • the correct quantification of the spiked and incurred alkaloids
    with respect to the comparability criterion (z-score ≤ |2|).

The scope of the test is defined by the so-called BfR28 pyrrolizidine alkaloids: 

  • Echimidine (Em) and echimidine-N-oxide (EmN)
  • Erucifoline (Er) and erucifoline-N-oxide (ErN)
  • Europine (Eu) and europine-N-oxide (EuN)
  • Heliotrine (Hn) and heliotrine-N-oxide (HnN)
  • Intermediäre (Im) and intermediäre-N-oxide (ImN)
  • Jacobine (Jb) and jacobine-N-oxide (JbN)
  • Lasiocarpine (Lc) and lasiocarpine-N-oxide (LcN)
  • Monocrotaline (Mc) and monocrotaline-N-oxide (McN)
  • Retrorsine (Re) and retrorsine-N-oxide (ReN)
  • Senecionine (Sc) and senecionine-N-oxide (ScN)
  • Seneciphylline (Sp) and seneciphylline-N-oxide (SpN)
  • Senecivernine (Sv) and senecivernine-N-oxide (SvN)
  • Senekirkine (Sk)
  • Trichodesmine (Td)

Time schedule:

  • Please register before:
    February 1, 2017
  • Dispatch of samples:
    June 19, 2017
  • Deadline for reporting results:
    July 6, 2017


The participation fee is 790 EUR.

The test material is shipped by express courier. Shipping costs are included for shipment to EU countries. Additional shipping costs may apply for shipment to Non-EU countries. 

Please feel free place your orders via the Order/login section on the website.

Note: PROOF-ACS reserves the right to cancel tests in case of less than ten participants.