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Highly polar pesticides in green tea

Reference material

Green tea, milled, with spiked and incurred levels of

  • anthraquinone,
  • biphenyl,
  • chlorate,
  • perchlorate,
  • nicotine,
  • glyphosate,
  • AMPA,
  • diquat, and
  • paraquat.

Price per unit (100 g): 250 EUR


Blank material

Green tea, milled

  • glyphosate, AMPA, diquat and paraquat, all not detected (RL 0.01 mg/kg)
  • anthraquinone, biphenyl and chlorate (trace levels < 0.01 mg/kg)
  • incurred residues of nicotine (about 0.18 mg/kg) and perchlorate (about 0.14 mg/kg) 

Price per unit (80 g): 70 EUR


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