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Ethephon in pineapple, sweet pepper and red grapes (P1305-RT)

PROOF-ACS organised and performed a ring test on ethephon in three different types of vegetables and fruits in November 2013

Ethephon is a plant growth regulator, used to promote the pre- and post-harvest ripening in vegetables and fruits. While releasing ethylene, ethephon accelerates the ripening process.

Three test materials were offered (180 g each):

  • spiked pineapple homogenate,
  • spiked sweet red pepper homogenate,
  • spiked red grapes homogenate.

Three blank materials (180 g each) were available upon request.

The time schedule of the ring test was:

  • Dispatch of samples:                                 4 November 2013
  • Sample entrance (in the laboratory):     5/6 November 2013
  • Deadline for results reporting:                 19 November 2013

Each participant was given a report after the evaluation of the analytical results. This report includes the anonymous results of all participants and the statistical evaluation of the results.

Participation fee:

250 EUR for the participation in the ring test (obligatory)
180 EUR per test material (one test material is obligatory)
  70 EUR for the blank material per matrix (optional)

Shipping costs were included. 

Deadline for registration was 1 October 2013.