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Dithianon in fruits (P1403-MRT)

In June 2014, PROOF-ACS organised and performed a method ring test on dithianon in fruits.

PROOF method ring tests focus on analytically challenging parameters and/or matrices. The participating laboratories were requested to report details on their applied analytical method together with their analytical results.

The focus of this method ring test is on the sample preparation which has been identified as one of the main challenges in quantification of dithianon.

Three test materials (180 g each) were offered:

  • homogenate of apples, spiked with dithianon,
  • homogenate of apricots, spiked with dithianon,
  • homogenate of cherries, containing incurred residues of dithianon.

The laboratories were requested to use the provided detailed protocol for the pretreatment of one spiked fruit test material and the incurred test material.
The second spiked test material was analysed according to the routine
sample preparation procedure established in the laboratory.

Blank material (180 g) was available upon request.

The time schedule was:

  • Dispatch of samples:
    16 June, 2014
  • Sample entrance (in the laboratory):
    17/18 June, 2014
  • Deadline for results reporting:
    1 July, 2014

Each participant received a report after the evaluation of the analytical results.
The report consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Summarises the results and contains an assessment on the comparability of the results as well as the homogeneity and stability data.
  • Part 2: The technical appendix summarises the details of the analytical methods.

A summary of the report is available here

The participation fee was 950 EUR, blank material was available at a price of 70 EUR.