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Pesticides in paprika powder - multi-method (P1402-RT)

PROOF-ACS organised and performed a ring test on pesticides in sweet paprika powder in April 2014. Nine laboratories across four European countries (Croatia, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands) took part in this proficiency testing. All laboratories applied a multi-method approach to quantify pesticides in paprika powder.

The test material consisted of paprika (50 g, powder) spiked with 13 pesticides, typically for paprika powder:
Carbendazim, cypermethrin, DEET, difenoconazol, endosulfan sulfate, ethion, fenpropathrin, imidacloprid, methoxyfenozide, procymidone, propamocarb, spinosad, and spiroxamine.

Neither the number of spiked pesticides nor the identity of the pesticides was announced to the participants in advance. All spiked pesticides are within the scope of a common pesticide multi-method.

Each participant received a report after the evaluation of the analytical results.
The report contains an assessment on:

  • the identification of the spiked pesticides,
  • the correct quantification with respect to the 
    trueness criterion (70-120 % of the spiked level), and
  • the correct quantification with respect to the 
    comparability criterion (z-score ≤ |2|).

A summary of the report is available here

The time schedule was: 

  • Dispatch of samples:
    31 March 2014
  • Sample entrance (in the laboratory):
    01/02 April 2014
  • Deadline of results reporting:
    16 April 2014

The participation fee was 650 EUR, blank material was available at a price of 70 EUR.