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PROOF-ACS GmbH is a spin-off of "Lach & Bruns". PROOF will continue the activities of Lach & Bruns in the field of high-quality, up-to-date Competence Schemes for analytical laboratories.

PROOF-ACS focuses on Competence Schemes, individually designed for customers' needs. We always go the extra mile for providing tailored services: Careful selection of test parameters, concentration levels and choice of matrix are core to the design of PROOF Competence Schemes. We are open for and appreciate straightforward and direct customers' feedback for permanent improvement of our services: Please contact us!

On our agenda is the development and provision of Competence Schemes related to new parameters of high relevance. We aim to help laboratories establishing new analytical methods and in verifying already established methods - for more confidence in analytical results.

After the finalisation of a Competence Scheme, surplus Test Material are available as reference material in our online-shop (e.g. for your internal quality assurance measures).

PROOF-ACS addresses towards

  • Laboratories, committed to increasing their analytical quality

  • Laboratories, committed to searching for high quality reference material

  • Clients of laboratories aiming to ensure the quality of analytical results