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Programme 2019

Programme 2019 P1901-RT potato P1902-RT lemon P1903-RT RP lentil P1905-RT cherries P1904-RT tea P1906-MRT Acidic herbicides P1907-RT Pol pest orange P1908-RT Pol pest tee P1909-RT Pol pest flour P1910-RT Pol pest grapes P1911-RT Dithios P1912-RT Pest superfood P1913-RT TA babyfood P1914-RT PA chamomile P1915-RT New pesticides P1916-RT Babyfood P1917-RT MOSH MOAH palm P1918-MRT MOSH MOAH Cacao


Booking of the ring tests includes: 

  • High quality test materials.
  • Clear, concise and understandable reports.
  • A transparent publication of spiked levels and homogeneity/stabilty data.
  • Evaluations with respect to the comparability and the trueness.
  • Rapid processing: usually <4 weeks between results reporting and publication of the final report.
  • Shipping costs for shipment within the EU. Additional shipment costs might apply for shipment to Non-EU-countries.


Organisation of the tests:

  • The test materials consist of homogenates (unless otherwise specified in the list).
  • The test materials are shipped by express courier.
  • Results reporting is performed via the My PROOF section on the website.
  • Please place your orders via the Order/Log-in section on the website.
  • Note: PROOF-ACS reserves the right to cancel tests in case of less than ten participants.