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Nicotine in mushrooms (P1301-MRT)

Recently the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) by the European Union has been exceeded for nicotine in cultivated mushrooms as notified by the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) of the European Union.
Nicotine levels of 0.6 to 1.2 mg/kg mushrooms have been reported. We therefore expect an increasing demand for reliable analysis of nicotine in mushrooms.

In March 2013, PROOF-ACS organised a Method Ring Test for
"nicotine in mushrooms", including
- statistical assessment of the analytical results
- as well as the comparison of applied methods.

Up to now, no standardised analytical method is available for quantification of nicotine in mushrooms. This Ring Test offered the opportunity to proof the reliability of the applied method for the analysis of nicotine in mushrooms. Furthermore, the Method Ring Test worked out the differences between the applied analytical methods and in the analysis of incurred residues of nicotine or spiked levels of nicotine in mushrooms.

The following Test Material was provided:
a) incurred residues of nicotine in homogenised mushroom purée
b) two different spiked levels of nicotine in homogenised mushroom purée
c) blank material (mushroom purée)

The time schedule for the Ring Test was:

  • Dispatch of samples (frozen): 4 March 2013
  • Sample entrance (in the laboratory): 5/6 March 2013
  • Report of results: 22 March 2013 at latest

The participation in the Method Ring Test was voluntary and is NOT LINKED to any approvals, accreditations etc. of other organisations.

The participation fee for the nicotine ring test was 
950 EUR plus tax. Deadline for registration was 5 February 2013.