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Pesticides in tea (P1302-RT)

In April 2013, PROOF-ACS, in cooperation with the Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren e.V. (BNN), designed and organised a Ring Test on Pesticides in Tea.

Two test materials were provided, one blank tea sample and one tea sample spiked with pesticides at different concentration levels. The participants were not informed about the identity and the number of spiked pesticides in advance.
All pesticides, detectable by the common multi-methods, were within the scope of this ring test.

The time schedule for the ring test was:

  • Dispatch of samples: 22 April 2013
  • Sample entrance (in the laboratory): 23/24 April 2013
  • Report of results: 3 May 2013 at latest

Each participant was given a report after the evaluation of the analytical results. This report includes the anonymous results of all participants and the statistical evaluation of the results.

The participation fee for the Pesticide Ring Test was 
650 EUR plus tax. Deadline for registration was 28 March 2013.